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Only hd youtube downloader

Download videos from websites.

Let’s start from what you all want to know – NO, you can’t download YouTube videos with this extension, or any other Chrome extension.
Any protected video (RTMP protocol) is unavailable to download on Chrome.

Firefox on the other hand, is a different story 🙂
We were able to use this add-on to download YouTube videos in Firefox (but we didn’t, because it’s forbidden).

Video Downloader Professional is simple to use.
Whenever there is a video on the web page you’re in, it’s extension icon will change from this to this .

Clicking on the green arrow icon will open a small pop up with the video details, video size and the option to download it.

As mentioned before, you won’t be able to download videos from YouTube with Chrome.
You’ll get this message:

But, if you’ll try to download the same video with Firefox, seems that everything works fine –

If you want to download videos and maybe break some laws, you can get the extension here.

EZ Summary

Who is it for? Anyone who needs to download a video to his hard disk.

Price? Free + an ever existing banner with the offer to upgrade.

1.5 million users have this extension. If you need to download a video, you know what to do..

Download youtube onto usb

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